Moving In Arizona

arizona house When my wife and I first moved to Arizona, we took advantage of the price difference between there and California and bought our first home. We love Arizona, so it was an obvious choice for us to buy our first home there. We didn’t have an endless supply of money, so once we finished with buying the property, closing costs and legal fees we were on a tight budget.

This meant that every choice we made for the first twelve to twenty four months with regards to maintenance would have to be clever. We knew things obviously needed doing to the property and we didn’t have the money to do everything we would want at once maintenance wise. We started with the most basic of ideas, we compiled a list. Of course, on top of the list is pest control phoenix project. Then, the list was divided into two sections, the things we wanted to do and the things we had to do. The things we had to do were effectively things that would stop the house from falling down or put us in any real danger.

The things we wanted to do were what we considered luxuries such as ascetic things which may make the property nicer to live in and perhaps even add some basic value to the property. Regardless we put pen to paper and developed our list. Once we had our list we then split into things that needed to be done within twelve months and twenty four months, this had the effect of meaning that we did not spend all of our money at once or focus our money in the wrong place.

moving in It was invaluable in letting us develop a strategy for exactly where we wanted and where we needed to be, it also had the added impact of meaning that we did not spend our money in the wrong place. That is such an east thing to do when you first buy a property, the pain of parting money for things means that you want to make it “pretty” rather than safe. When we started our list the most important things were at the top, such as termite inspection and treatment and getting the property ready for winter. Yes, believe it or not Arizona does have a winter, which can take its toll on the property.

These were expensive, but necessary things to make sure that the property stayed safe before we moved onto the more superficial things.